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Pleasantly Surprised….

17 Apr

So this post is about products that I have purchased in the past that I didn’t really expect much of, but decided to try them anyways. With all of the products that I’m going to talk about, I was completely blown away! All of  these products are drug store/low end products. I didn’t pay more than $15 CDN for any of them. Some of these products will probably be like “well duh”, but others are probably ones that you wouldn’t expect so much. Hopefully my good experiences will help you make decisions next time you shop! 🙂

I’m  going to attempt to categorize these the best I can so I’m going to start with shadows because that’s the biggest section.

This is a Sally Girl trio that I bought around Halloween because I was looking for shades appropriate for a Pin Up girl look. This trio cost me $1.29 CDN and I use it all the time. It contains a creamy buttery matte shade, a deep cool tone brown, and a taupe/gray colour. All of the shades blend beautifully and have awesome pigmentation. For an extra kick I sometimes like to use them over a white creamy base.  I had super low expectations for these shadows but they are awesome. There isn’t a name for these colours, but the number on the back if you’re interested is 388469.

This shadow I think I got at a Dollar store or maybe Fields or Giant Tiger… I bought it a long time ago and I know it was SUPER cheap. But its one of the best dark grey shimmery shadows I’ve ever found most definitely. Its made by a brand called “ten” and the shade is called “Charcoal”. I know they sell other shadows, but I don’t know the quality of the other shades. Here is a swatch (no base).

As you can see, its quite dark and pigmented. It also has a nice metallic finish.

I’m totally in love with the Maybelline Colour Tattoos. I think they are fantastic. When I bought my first one I was somehow expecting something like the Mac Big Bounce Shadows that were a total fail. I never actually tried any of those because I don’t have access to Mac where I live, but I heard all the terrible things about them. However when I tried these Colour Tattoos I was super impressed, and still am. I only photographed my three favourite shades, but I have 3 or 4 more in my collection as well. I went all out when I saw how sweet these bad boys were.

This is an Wet N’ Wild Palette that I picked up at Walmart a while back  and its called “Sweet as Candy”. All of these shades are super pigmented. You basically have to touch the brush into the shadow and you have more than enough colour than you need. At the time I bought this, I had heard a lot of rave about how good the Wet N’ Wild shadows. I thought they would just be “worth the money” kind of shadows. But when you pay so little for them, I thought the quality would be minimal too. But these shades are awesome. I definitely would love to check out more shadows from the Wet N’ Wild collections.

This one may be a surprise to a few of you. I purchased two of these little 8-pan palettes from Amuse a while back. All of the shadows are shimmery/metallic with a glitter overlay. I was extremely skeptical when I bought these shadows. I had absolutely no idea how good they would be. I know I spent less than $5.00 on each of these palettes because I bought them when they were on a sale on These shadows are SO smooth. they wear beautifully and blend effortlessly. I can honestly say that for shimmer/satin shades they are most definitely some of the best ones I have ever used. Here are some swatches.

I randomly chose these shades from both palettes. As you can see, they are very bright even without a base. I like wearing the gold shade over Bold Gold with a navy/black crease. Gorgeous.


I was in a really hardcore kick of buying mascaras that only had rubber bristle wands. I really loved a lot of mascaras that had those flexible rubber brushes. I was very nervous buying this mascara and was convinced that it would be a waste of money because I had always had bad luck with classic wand style mascaras. However, I also bought this at the time when everyone was entering into the L’oreal “Share your V-Moment” thing. I’m not sure if it was a contest or what, but I heard Tons of stories about how awesome this mascara was, so I  caved and decided to try it. Hands down, this is one of the absolute best mascaras that I have ever used. It makes my lashes look long, and super full. It is absolutely beautiful.

This is another mascara that totally surprised me because it has one of those rubber flexible brushes. Its a weird oval shaped rubber wand and the mascara itself is a fairly wet formula. Wet formulas often aren’t the best for building volume. However, this mascara somehow was an exception to the rule for me. I have long lashes as it is, so I don’t particularly need to build length. This mascara separates my lashes well and also builds volume on each lash making my lashes look nice and full. I really enjoy this mascara a lot.

Still though, this one takes the cake. I’ve never tried an Annabelle mascara before, but I’ve always been a fan of Annabelle products. Regardless, I wasn’t sure what to expect with it. But from the first time I used it, I fell in love with this mascara. It doesn’t even compare with the Benefit “They’re Real” mascara that there had been so much rave about. I’ve tried both, and the Benefit one is pretty good, but I like the Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara best. I use it every single day.


These are three of the best brushes I have ever used for my eyes. Sorry the photo kinda sucks, it looked like it was in focus on my camera. Starting at the top, there is the Annabelle A-21 (Shader) brush. I love this brush because I have literally been able to use it for every single part of my eye. Even used it for entire looks with no other brushes involved. It is super soft and dense enough to hold a lot of shadow. I love this brush! Right below that is the BH Cosmetics blending brush. This is my favourite blending brush because its almost an exact dupe for the Mac 224 brush (Photos below), but its much more dense and also much softer, so it is way better at grabbing shadows and blending. At the bottom there’s my favourite crease brush. It is made by NYX. I looked on the Cherry Culture website where I initially purchased it, and I somehow can’t find the same brush, but I’m pretty sure its NYX Contour Dome Brush. The photo looks like its a pinched shadow brush, but I’m positive that’s the one…. anyways, here is the photo of the comparison between the BH Cosmetics brush and the Mac 224 brush.

Side by side they are nearly identical in length, and also in weight…. though you can’t see that in photos hehe.

You can see that they are very similar in actual brush size. The BH Cosmetics brush is slightly bigger, but that is because of the softness and density of the bristles of the brush. I love the BH Cosmetics brush, but I never expected to love it more than the Mac one.

Random Stuff…

This was the first bronzer I ever decided to buy, and it is the NYC Bronzing face powder in Sunny. I still use it every day, but I was so nervous, not necessarily for this product specifically, but for using bronzer in general. I’m glad I started with this one because if I had bought one that was too dark, it probably would have turned me off of bronzers altogether.

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams…. These intrigued me when I saw them online the first time. I wasn’t really sure what to make of them, or how I would like them. Just because I generally prefer a glossy, or at least a satin kind of shine on the lip.  I was surprised by how much I love these colours. I only have two shades right now, but I do really love them.  They look beautiful on, and actually last a surprisingly long time. They’re pretty darn cool.

So that’s all I’ve got for my Pleasantly Surprised items. I hope I can help you in some way to try some new products you may not have looked twice at in a store or online. 🙂


Quick post: new shoes!! (BEDA 05)

6 Apr

Just wanted to show you all my sweet new kicks. They are from Payless and I got them for only twenty bucks!! 😀



They aren’t real chucks unfortunately, they are airwalk s, but I like them. 🙂

Review – Annabelle Smudge Paints (Cream/gel liner) *BEDA 01*

1 Apr

BLOOOOOOOGGGGG!!!! I missed you…. How about we do a review today?? OOOOOOTTTAAAAY. I’m weird. Don’t give me that look. O_o

So after having this for basically ever, I wanted to talk about this product. I’m talking about the Annabelle Smudge Paints. The only one I have is in the black colour which is called Tar. There is a few other colours that I’m aware of. There is a coppery colour called Muddy, a chocolate brown called Sludge, A medium/dark blue called Skyline, and a medium/deep plum colour called Plummed. I only own the Tar colour shown below. Here is what the product looks like:

This product is Super creamy and extremely easy to apply. They handily have a brush that actually comes with the product. It comes out of the lid. Here’s a close up.

The brush that it comes with is fairly comparable to a standard lip brush. I’ve never really used the brush… I think I tried it once when I first bought this product and that’s why its dirty. I generally like to apply it with a bent Liner brush that looks like this :

Mine is dirty, because I obviously used it this morning. I know that many people prefer to used an angled liner brush. These will work just as well, just my personal preference steers me to these brushes for a thinner, crisper line with no tugging or any such malarky. The one that I have, if you care to know is sold by a brand called Quo which is offered exclusively through Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada (not sure if they are available anywhere else). It really doesn’t matter what kind of brush you use or where it comes from, as long as it does the intended job. *MINI-REVIEW* I use a lot of Quo brushes and in general, I love the eye brushes, and hate the face brushes…. but I have like two of each kind regardless… don’t question my logic. There really isn’t any.

So here are some photos of my eyes. I look atrocious. Please disregard the rest of my makeup. I did my makeup this morning at about 8:30 and just took photos before I started this post. So I have been in this makeup for about 16 hours now. Which will become apparent… I want to note that my eyes are very watery when I wear this much eye makeup and especially when I have liner on my waterline (I used a Stila Smudgestick today… so you can see how AWESOME they are for thirty bucks…. -_- I’m totally being sarcastic, btw lol). Also today was really windy, so when I went outside I was tearing up pretty bad.

So as you can see after 16 hours of wear, the only bits that have worn off are the inner corners. Impressive, right?

I will admit that I did extend the liner a bit past my lash line at the outer corner, so that did rub off on account of my watery eyes.  However, most of the liner still stayed in tact.

So I moved into my bathroom because it has a bit better lighting. This is the only shot I got that both eyes were in focus haha. So as you can tell, basically the same thing happened on both sides – the inner corners rubbed off on me. However, the rest of the liner remained dark and didn’t move at all. I believe that if I was using this liner when my eyes were behaving normally, the liner would have stayed corner-to-corner. I have worn it that way in the past, and when my eyes weren’t acting up on me, I know that it stayed in place. Bear in mind that this is NOT a waterproof/water-resistant formula. It is just a normal liner. It is not meant to withstand such watery eyes as I have – the same as swimming or showering, it won’t last through that. I should also mention that I did not set this with any kind of liquid liner, pencil liner, shadows or anything. I just used a pencil liner to tight-line, and the smudge paint on the lash line.

You can really see in this photo how truly matte and dark the liner stayed for me. I want to mention that I have VERY oily skin, but I used Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyes before I applied any kind of eye makeup.

Depending on where you live, this product retails for about $10.95. I’m pretty sure that’s about what I paid for it, and I bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart. That’s where I get the majority of my beauty products. I got this product shortly after its debut about a year ago now…. It is still just as creamy and easy to apply as it was when I first bought it. I’m very impressed by this product and I will continue to repurchase it as I need to, so long that as it remains a permanent product. Anyways, that’s all I got! I’m still dealing with school for another two months. Just started a new job, and have finished moving into my new house! WAHOOOO! Lol things are going well. I’m currently living in my boyfriend’s parents house with all of them and my man’s dog. We are just staying here until the beginning of June until we gain possession of the house we recently bought. Then MORE MOVING *guh* moving sucks…. but from then on out, things will be awesome possum. Anyways, have a great day/night/other. 🙂 Thanks for putting up with my antics. ^_^ lawl.

NYX and Drugstore Haul

7 Feb

Hey pretty ladies! So a little while back, sent me an email that gave me 40% off all NYX Cosmetics. So being that I’m completely broke and addicted to PRETTY THINGS what a better way to spend some money I don’t have than on makeup. Yaaaaaayyyyy…. So here are some things I got. 🙂


Starting with some lip products, I got 3 Mega Shine Lip Glosses (which in general are some of the best glosses I’ve ever used. To make them even better, they smell like the bright red Mr. Sketch markers… so Yummy!!) So from right to left I purchased Pinky Taupe, Nude Peach, and Juicy Red. I also got one of the NYX girls round glosses in Queen of Africa. Its Gorgeous!!! Moving on to the lipsticks, I got the Black Label lipstick in Apple, Matte lipstick in Merlot, Lip Smacking Fun Colours Lipstick in Femme and also in Orpheus.


The Lipsticks. Apple, Merlot, Femme, and Orpheus.

Swatches, in order of appearance. They are all Super creamy!! 🙂

The Glosses up close… Pretty! Pinky Taupe, Nude Peach, Juicy Red, and Queen of Africa. Not sure why but I’m getting super into Purple glosses these days! Hehehe 🙂



Swatch the pretty…..

New Jumbo eye pencils (left to right) in Yogurt, Pots and Pans, Electric Blue, and Rust.

Some Swatchy goodness.

Aaaaaand shadows. Left to right starting at the top:

Hawaiian Coffee, Wild Fire, Irises, Tropical

Jazzy Pink, Africa, Matte Turquoise, Flamingo

Golden Orange.

I’ve been hearing that “Tangerine” is going to be a big colour this summer… so I’ve been stocking up. Also did a super awesome tangerine look the other day that I’m going to try to get posted by the end of the week.


Some Close ups. I wish I had better lighting and a better camera, because these colours become so muted when the flash hits them and its really unfortunate. For instance, the Jazzy pink colour is SUPER hot pink with a bluish undert0ne. Its GORGEOUS!! But sadly, my camera cannot capture it…. and I don’t have photoshop on my computer to make it more accurate. Sorry team, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I bought the NYX Eyeshadow base in white, and this eyeshadow trio in Shangri-La…. Again with the orange lol

I realized in the uploading process that I forgot this lil’ guy. This is the NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Crystal Pewter. I wanted to swatch it but I was in bed and didn’t have anything to clean my hands with. I swatched it when I first got it though, and I thought the consistency of it was alright, but it stayed wet for quite a while. Also, it had awesome colour payoff. I was quite impressed with it. This is my first glitter liner, so I’m really excited to test it out. Hopefully soon!

Then I just got a couple random things from the drugstore. A Vichy eye makeup remover, which I liked the first time I used it, but not the second time….. So I’ll keep with it. Regardless, it still works better than the other one I had (Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover). I also got a black pencil liner from Gosh. Its the Velvet touch eyeliner in Black Ink. Then the maybelline Define-a-Brow pencil… and I’m pretty sure I got it in the Medium to Dark brow colour and it seems to work pretty nicely for me. Only problem I have, and it might just be the one I got (let me know if you’ve had this problem), is that I find it kinda tough to actually twist up the product….. the one I have is Really stiff and I don’t like that when I have an automatic liner/pencil like that. I digress….

I really love how small the define-a-brow pencil is. It makes is so easy to apply. Compared to a normal pencil its absolutely Teeny!!!


Anyways that does it for my NYX/Drugstore Haul. So be sure to check back in the next few days, I should have a nice Tangerine look posted for you to check out! 🙂 Thanks!