Holy Moly.

2 Mar

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted anything. Un. Real. A lot has changed since then.

  1. Joel and I moved out of his parents house and into an actual house of our own, which by the way is kinda like…. falling apart….. but still awesome because its ours. ^_^
  2. I worked numerous jobs including Claire’s and Clinique… which were both awesome, but both had negatives as well. So I found myself searching for a full time position, and found one at a car dealership. Good money, Benefits, I never have to work nights, and I get to sleep in on weekends. Awesome.
  3. I got mother freaking engaged bro!Image

Pretty cool eh? His late Grandmother’s ring. So gorgeous. I’m in love with it. And I’m in love with him. And now I’m done being cheesy. Let’s move on.

So I’m going to go ahead and get right to the “excuses for not posting” part of this entry. Now, I know that there have been tons of times that I could have posted SOMETHING just to get it out there, if I felt like it…. but somehow life just got in the way and decided that spending time with Joel or watching TV or movies was more what I wanted to do. And I somehow convinced myself that that was true. However, its taken me a bit of time to realize that that’s not at all what I want (minus the spending time with Joel part…. of course I want that haha). I want to show you what I love to do. I want to show you the best parts of myself in hopes that I can kick myself out of last year’s funk. Last year was a good year, but it came with a lot of challenges. Last year meant changing everything I knew, and stopping being myself and in turn becoming “Joel’s girlfriend”. I love my life, and I have accepted what I’ve been dealt. But sometimes a girl just needs to do what she wants to make her happy – and that is what this blog is going to be for, from now on. I’m going to try and post one day a week, probably Saturdays because Joel always sleeps in, and I’m always up early. Plus the mutts like to snooze in the early morning.


Yeah I don’t know why they chose that position either. Its funny as hell though, am I right???

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you all with the reasons I chose not to post, I just want to get back into the swing. My next post will be photos of the looks I’ve done over the past year that I liked enough to actually photograph. Hope you like them.  🙂

I’d like to give a special thanks to Sara who reminded me of what really makes me happiest, and that I should get back in gear on this thing. Thanks girl. I owe ya one.


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