2012 Makeup Looks You Missed

2 Mar

Here you’ll find a collection of a few of the cool looks I did over the course of the year 2012 that I never posted about. I’ll describe them, and if you’d like me to show you how I  did any of them, let me know in the comments.


This is what I wore for Thanksgiving. I know its kind of impossible to actually see, but I did an Olive smokey eye with a peach and gold ombre lip and peach blush.



This was a blue and purple look with heavy liner that I did with just a simple rose coloured blush and nude lip.


This was taken at a Benefit concert I was helping organize for a family friend going through breast cancer treatments. Of course I had to do pink. So for this one I had used only matte shades, with white in the inner corners fading out to a hot pink in the outer corners, and black in the crease. I also did a slight wing. I had bright pink lips, and apparently no blush at all according to this photo haha. I’m pretty sure I actually was wearing blush though……



I was really bored one night and came up with this one. Red smokey eye, SUPER heavy liner, and stronger contour than I would ever really wear. Paired it up with a red and gold lip, though the flash on my camera didn’t do any justice for the gold. I just wanted to something slightly theatrical and bold. I liked it.


This was a green and black look I wore to work one day. I used a tinge of purple just above the black to help blend it out. It turned out pretty cool.

If you see any looks you’d like to see a blog post dedicated to *tutorial style* let me know in the comments. Have a great day! 🙂


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