What’s in my phone?

19 May

So this is random. But I thought I would create a post showing you all of the apps in my phone, and maybe give you some recommendations of my favorite apps and games. I’ll let you know, I do use an android phone. I have the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (first edition). I think its crazy that I’ve had this phone for less than two years (on contract) and its already obsolete…. I digress. Here’s my layout.

This is my home screen. As you can see I have all of my apps organized into folders so I don’t have to swype between pages. The picture in the background is my new puppy Wally. The apps at the top are all apps that come standard with the galaxy. I keep play store (the app store), my alarm clock, my camera and the cart and desk home apps. Those two apps are basically a home screen for the main apps you would use in the car (navigation, maps, phone, etc.), or on your desk at night time (phone, messaging, alarm clock, etc.). I use the desk one a lot, not really the car one because my car isn’t bluetooth enabled and I like life, so I drive safely without using my phone.

This is my networking folder. In here as you can see are all of my social networking apps.  My favorite right now is instagram! Love it!! (not going to pressure you, but you can follow me @malankybee if you want to. 🙂 )

Next I have my beauty folder. In here are all of my beauty related apps (really…..? You don’t say…) My favorite is total beauty. Its completely user based reviews on products from almost every brand of cosmetics. Love it!

Next folder is the word games folder. It houses just a couple apps. I like the word search app which I feel does not need an explanation. I’d like to ask though, does anyone know of an android app for word searches that had numbers, or twisted words, or leftover letter puzzles…..? I’m an old woman trapped in the body of a 21 year old. I love word search puzzles. Comment if you know of any more complicated apps. Thanks!

Next over is my music folder. In here I have the only app I’ve ever paid for, ultimate guitar. My guitar tuner app, a music downloader, shazam…. All that good jazz. I do play guitar and I’ve been playing for almost 8 years. I don’t have anything recent posted, but if you’d like, you can find me on the youtubes. Www.youtube.com/merg71. I have a few vids up from back in the day, But not too many. Don’t get high hopes. I’m not that amazing. I promise. Moving on…..

This I’d say is probably the folder I use most often. My games folder. If you don’t have playscape, get it. If you do, get ninja chicken and ninja run. Seriously, they both have ninja in the title. How could they not be awesome?

Next is my health folder. I don’t have a whole bunch in here, but I for sure would recommend dinner spinner, and myfitnesspal.


This is my destinations folder. It has all of my apps for maps and locations. I think it comes standard now on most androids, but I love the places app. Its totally my favorite. You can search any type of business or location and then view reviews, maps, phone numbers, websites etc. Its wicked cool.


This is my productivity folder. I use these apps rarely….. Because I’m unproductive….. Lol most of these come standard on android.


This is my last folder. This is where I keep my finance apps. I legally use mint.com nearly every single day. I definitely recommend.

As you may have noticed, I have a link to my camera app in every folder as well as on my home page. My dogs do ridiculous and hilarious things all the time and I don’t like missing out on being able to take photos. Its always easy to get to my camera that way.

If you have any apps you love or think I should try please leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to check them out. Thanks!! Have a great day!! 🙂


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